SPECIAL ISSUE MEETING: 2019 In Lueneburg, Germany

Participants of the PECS workshop to celebrate 10 years of PECS. Photograph taken by Mara Ibere, student of the Environmental Science Major at Leuphana.

PECS is celebrating its 10 year anniversary by hosting a special issue in Ecosystems and People. In preparation, PECS members and the scientific committee came together at Leuphana University Lueneburg, Germany, in December 2019 to plan and develop the special issue.

Louisa Szymorek, a graphic facilitator from Lueneburg, visualised the oral exchange of the attendees.

During the three day meeting, participants presented their research projects on placed-based social-ecological research and identified the key aspects to address in the special issue. Further, they discussed the role of scientists as agents of change that can foster transformations towards sustainable and equitable futures. This led to the notion of the importance of place-based, collaborative, and transdisciplinary research.

Mobilization break between the sessions to energize participants conducted by MoBe trainers at Leuphana.

To energize the discussions, the attendees participated in a mindfulness session guided by Milena Gross and engaged in daily mobilization breaks. To complete this diverse programme, the evenings were full of visits to Christmas Markets where participants enjoyed typical German gastronomic specialties.

In summary, we spent three exceptional days of brainstorming, exchanging perspectives, knowledge sharing, networking and enjoying each other’s company.

Further information about the special issue will be published here and on Twitter.