The global south is rich in sustainability lessons

A new Comment by Prof. Harini Nagendra in Nature outlines the role of the global south in sustainabiity science

In a new Comment for Nature, PECS science committee member and Professor of sustainability at Azim Premji University, Electronic City, Bangalore, India, Harini Nagendra emphasizes the importance of looking at sustainability for the global south.

In a call to educators and researchers, the subject of sustainability needs to go beyond just limits to growth and conservation. She focuses on the relationships between communities, their environmental and social justice. An online course introducing sustainability with this framing can be found here.

Photo: Capito AB

Prof. Nagendra writes,‘’Sustainability education must be more globally inclusive. Only then can the dis­cipline deliver the transformative change the world needs, rather than tinkering with business-as-usual.’’

There is so much creativity, imagination, energy, and stories in the global south, sustainability science cannot afford to miss these lessons.

The Comment in Nature can be read here.